Google Play Music Launches Fmily Plan For Up To Six People For $ 14.99

Google is it overboard with these new services come in the form of YouTube or YouTube Music Network as a way to compete directly with its competitors platforms such as Netflix or Spotify like many others. It is looking for ways to optimize them to put it difficult to the user at the time of selecting a service from which you can play all kinds of music, without advertising and inclusa can formalize a family plan as happens with Apple Music. Apple Music has a family plan that comes in handy to save a good amount of dollars a month so that a whole family can access your virtues and benefits.

Google Play Music now it is which is released directly into this Christmas with a family plan up to six people for $ 14.99 a month. This plan comes even with the extra take if YouTube Network at no cost other than making it to access 35 million songs from the musical repertoire that account. A great way to have the best musical selections, but for now is only available for certain countries such as United States, Canada, Australia, France, UK and Germany, so that, soon, go deployed the service for more countries , as Google explains in his blog.

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