Google Photos adds shared albums for better collaboration

Smartphones have nearly replaced the personal digital camera, with a vast amount of users ditching their point-and-shoots for the convenience of a smartphone. As a result of that, smartphone users now have enormous amounts of photos to deal with, which becomes even more complex when you’re looking to share and organize the photos with others. Google has been looking for ways to ease that process and it’s now adding a new feature to Google Photos to make collaboration easier.

Shared albums are a simple concept. They allow users to send other users a link to their albums. In the past, the users who received this link could only view the photos, but with shared albums, these users can now collaborate and add their own photos and videos, while also receiving notifications when other users upload photos and videos to the album. Users in the collaborative album will also be able to save and download photos and videos from the album, making it easier to hold onto memories.

Shared albums works across all platforms with Google Photos, so you can use it on Android, iOS or anything with an internet browser. With greater collaboration, Shared albums adds a very nice feature to Google Photos and makes it much easier to work with friends and family to organize photos from an event.

Shared albums is now rolling out, so you should see the feature very soon.

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