Google Now on Tap will make Google Now even smarter

Google Now stands apart from the competition by providing you with information before you need it. Away from home? Google Now will auto populate with directions to your house. At the airport? How about plane and hotel information? Google Now is taking this approach to information retrieval to the next level with Google Now on Tap, letting Google Now better interact with your apps and what you’re doing on your phone at any given time.

With Google Now on Tap, Google Now will behave differently depending on what you’re doing on your phone. For example if you are using Google Music, listening to a song and want to know what artist is playing, simply asking Google Now “who’s singing?” will provide you with relevant information on the artist. Or when a friend asks you about movies, Google Now will provide you with relevant movie information without having to ask for it.

Along with Google Now on Tap voice actions, when you press and hold the home button with different apps open, unique custom information cards will pop up provided by Google Now on Tap.

Google Now on Tap is an Android feature, so developers won’t need to do anything special for Google Now on Tap to work. Which means as soon as it goes live, it should be just as incredibly useful as Google Now is right now.

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