Google now lets you order food delivery from its search results

When you’re hungry, you want to get food into your belly as quickly as you can. Google understands this, and so it’s made it super-easy to find a restaurant online and order from it.

Google has added the ability to order food directly from its search results. When you search for some food, you’ll now see a “Place an order” button included in a restaurant’s details. Tapping that will let you choose which food delivery service you’d like to use — six are supported at launch — and then you’ll be kicked to that service to place your order.


Right now, Google’s food ordering feature supports Seamless, Grubhub, Eat24,, BeyondMenu, and, but Google says that it plans on adding support for additional services in the future.

This food delivery feature is just the latest in a long line of features that Google’s added to its search capabilities. And while the food delivery services that it supports may not be available to everyone, those that can use them are sure to appreciate the fact that they can now get food brought to their door slightly quicker than before.

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