Google Messenger updated with quick reply function

Google Messenger is a simple, beautiful, and fast text messaging app. If you haven’t given it a try, you really should because it’s surprisingly excellent. But it got a new feature in the latest update, and it’s a good one. When you get the notification overlay on your Lollipop device, or you expand the notification on any Android device, you’ll be met with a new reply button.

This button opens up a quick reply box on top of whatever you were doing, allowing you to answer a text without leaving your app. It’s a feature that has long been part of third party texting apps, and I think even Samsung got in on the fun with the stock messaging app, but it’s nice to see Google has implemented it into its app as well.

If you want the update, open up Google Play and check if you got it. You might have to wait a little while for it to roll out, but it will be worth it.

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