Google Maps update hints at upcoming feature showing parking difficulty

Google Maps is one of the best navigation apps, and it’s definitely a favorite for us. The latest update to Maps makes it even better, adding a new feature and improving the swipe protection when driving, making navigation even easier to use.

The toggle is called “Keep map north up,” which will just keep the map pointed north when navigating. When this feature is enabled, it will now rotate back to pointing north if you accidentally rotate the map quickly. This is in addition to the current swipe protection, which will recenter the map when it detects quick accidental swipes (this is definitely effective).

Though these next features aren’t available, the latest updates hint at some future features inside the APK. The biggest one is parking difficulty, which will give you info on parking availability at your destination. This will warn you to allot more time to finding parking, which is really useful. It’s unknown how this is determined (is it based on parking space number, or actual data on how full they are?) but it should be useful either way.

A few other features look like they’re coming soon, like a new potential method for launcher shortcuts and contribution stats. Maps is only getting better, so look out for new features in future updates, and grab the current update for some improvements!

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