Google Maps gets visual changes across all platforms

Google Maps may not be fundamentally changing, but the newly announced changes make a big improvement. Google has announced that the visual style of its maps will change, and it’s definitely for the better.

The changes include roads no longer having outlines, text being bigger with different text colors for different types of areas, and an overall cleaner look. With these changes, it’s easier to see names of neighborhoods and points of interest thanks to the new text styles.

Google Maps update 2

Areas of interest are also getting an update. They’re now highlighted white, while the rest of the map is a lighter color than before. This makes it easier to find interesting things going on and where people are going most. Zooming in shows individual buildings highlighted as points of interest.

Google Maps update 3

The color scheme has also changed, and though it’s actually pretty natural and self-explanatory, Google made a chart to explain it.

The changes definitely seem to make for a better Google Maps experience, and though they’re not that big, the visual appeal of the maps is quite a bit better. What do you guys think of the changes? Leave a comment!

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