Google is still committed to Android One despite launch issues

Last year Google introduced Android One, a program designed to get Android smartphones in even more places around the world, especially in emerging markets. While it’s grand effort from the company to better shape the experience of low-cost Android devices, so that users are not plagued by missing updates or other issues, it hasn’t necessarily taken off as well as Google might have hoped.

Speaking to the Economic Times, Google’s Vice President of Product Management, Ceasar Sengupta, said that the less-than-stellar launch of Android One in international markets had a lot to do with the fact it just wasn’t available in all channels. Google is opening to change that in many different ways, including launching specific devices in specific markets as well as working with OEMs of all sizes to get Android One devices in even more areas.

Google is also working with manufacturers participating in the Android One program to push out Android 5.1.1 to all of the devices out there in the wild now.

Sengupta added that Google is still “pretty committed” to Android One, especially in its vision to put as many connected devices into as many people’s hands as possible. Making them easy to buy is one of the major priorities of the company moving forward.

What do you think of Android One? A good idea?

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