Google Fit updated, now tracks distance traveled and estimates calories burned

Keeping healthy has become a big focus on the mobile industry as of late, and with wearables adding to the mix with better tracking, the apps are getting better and better.

That trend continues with the latest update to Google Fit, which was released on Wednesday, May 13. With it, users will be able to track the distance they travel while also getting an estimate for how many calories they’re burning. It’s a great way to set goals and also have the information necessary to keep reaching them.

Additionally, the update brings with it a brand new widget for users to place on a home screen if they so desire, and a brand new Android Wear watch face that allows them to keep up on their status with just a glance. Finally, users will now be able to take a look back at their fitness history right from within the app.

The update should be available now to those that already have the app installed. For those that don’t, a link to it is below.

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