Google confirms Pixel IP53 rating, don’t get it too close to water

Many companies making their devices weatherproof these days, like Apple making the iPhone IP67-rated and Samsung making the new Galaxies are IP68-rated, it’s almost a feature consumers expect these days. It’s great not having to worry that a small dunk in water won’t ruin your expensive smartphone.

Unfortunately, Google has confirmed that the Pixel devices are only IP53-rated. This rating is for ingress protection: the first number defines dust protection and the second defines water protection. The first number being 5 means that dust cannot enter in sufficient quantities to affect usability. The second number being 3 means that the Pixel can survive a spray at 60 degrees for 5 minutes.

The IP53 rating basically means it won’t take much water to cause damage to the Pixel, so if your Pixel takes a dunk, you’ll probably have to say goodbye to it. We wouldn’t be bringing a Pixel near water on a regular basis, and we sure wouldn’t take it into the shower, either.

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