Google+ Collections are live now

The signal to noise ratio is high on just about every social networking site under the sun. And everybody’s always looking for a good way to fix that. Google’s solution on Google+ is live now in the form of curated feeds known as Collections.

Google+ Collections are pretty straight forward. Collections are hand-curated feeds that are topically based. For example someone might create a “New York” Collection, and from there that person will add relevant posts about New York to that Collection. There are multiple ways to start a Collection  — by using a dropdown menu on posts or creating a custom Collection by visiting the Collections tab and entering in key words — but they all function the same. Once a Collection is created, the look can be customized to include pictures and different colors.

To view Collections others have started, just visit the Collections page on Google+. Of course the content and quality Collections are based solely on those curating the Collection, but Google+ has a wealth of passionate power users that are sure to provide noteworthy Collections for some time to come.

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