Google Calendar will let you view and complete your Reminders

Google Calendar continues to add new features to its already lengthy list, and for those that use Reminders quite a bit and have wished they could do it all within the mobile Calendar app, the wait is almost over.

Beginning this week, Reminders will find their way into the mobile Google Calendar app, which will make it even easier to see any upcoming Reminders in the days and weeks ahead. This should make it easier to have it all in a one-stop-shop, with the Reminders now visible within the Calendar app, but as well as all of your other calendars you might have synced, too.

What’s more, Reminders won’t disappear, either. Even if you miss completing the event on the day you had penned in, the Reminder will show up at the top of your calendar on the next day, making sure that you’ve got a visual reminder that you had something to do.

Nothing is changing about the way Reminders work or get created, and you’ll still be able to see them across Google’s other services. You can still create a Reminder within Inbox or Google Now or Google Keep, for instance, and once it’s saved, it’ll show up in Calendar.

The update is rolling out now, and will be available in the latest update to Google Calendar.

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