Google begins sending Project Fi invitations

Almost two weeks after Project Fi was officially announced, invitations for the new service have started to go out.

A Reddit user with the name “idreamincode” received an invitation to Project Fi and posted screenshots of the registration process so that we can live vicariously through them. Overall there’s nothing too surprising about the entire thing, but there is some important information for any Google Voice users out there.

The images show that when signing up, existing Google Voice users can either bring their GV number to Project Fi or use a different number. If they choose the latter option, their Google Voice number will be released when you activate Project Fi service. Some features of Google Voice will carry over to Project Fi, including your GV credit, call forwarding, voicemails, and texts, but features like making and receiving calls with Google Voice, Talk, and Obihai won’t carry over.

Any existing Google Voice users will have a tough choice to make if they want to sign up for Project Fi. They can either carry their GV number to Fi and lose some existing functionality or use a different number and release their GV number. That may be a tough choice for some, but at least we know about the Project Fi registration process as the invitations begin going out.

How many of you use Google Voice?

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