Google announces the Designed for Families program

Google has announced a new program called Designed for Families, which allows an app to receive a special designation as being family-friendly. With the influx of technology into children’s lives, many parents are looking to utilize the abilities while still maintaining a safe, secure environment for their children. As such, many parents tend to be overly cautious with what apps they let their children use, due to the unknowns.

Designed for Families aims to change that. With developers like Crayola and PBS carefully designing apps to be family-friendly, Google wants to help people know that they can safely use these apps for their children. The program will allow developers to submit their app for review by Google, and if it passes the review, it will receive the Designed for Families certification, giving it a badge of approval and a spot in a special section of the Play Store that will curate family-friendly apps.

It’s good to see Google working to make Android more child-friendly. As the largest mobile OS in the world, Android has a unique position, and has massive potential in education and child development. With the Designed for Families program, it’s going to be much easier to see what’s good for your child and what’s not.

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