Google announces Jamboard, a digital whiteboard for offices

The whiteboard is a finite resource in the moment. Once it’s full, you need to erase things to make room for more. So much more could be done. Digital whiteboards are nothing new, even my high school had them. But now, Google is entering the market and aiming for office adoption.

The Jamboard is basically a huge 55-inch 4K display with best-in-class touch response time. The “pens” and “eraser” have no batteries and no charging, and the entire thing rolls around and only has one cable. It also has an HD camera, speakers, and WiFi built in.

But the hardware isn’t where Google is focusing its efforts. The Jamboard integrates with all of Google’s services like Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more. People can contribute from their own devices and even out of the office. The board also has handwriting recognition, sticky notes, and saves all the info to Google Drive for later access.

The Jamboard will be available sometime in 2017 for under $6,000. It’s definitely not something aimed at the everyday consumer, but this might be a great business tool if Google plays its cards right.

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