Google adds new Play Books feature called Bubble Zoom for easier comic book reading

Reading comic books on smaller screens is tough. To make out the text, you often have to zoom in, missing out on the complex layouts and art. Comics should be enjoyed as a whole, and that’s tough when you’re reading them on a phone or small tablet.

Google has come up with a solution based on machine learning, so this potentially applies to any comic book. Google Play Books can now recognize text and speech bubbles and zoom in on them individually, allowing you to read the text while still enjoying the art without zooming in.

The app is getting the feature as a technical preview starting today and it will be compatible with all DC and Marvel comics. Google is also hosting a sale on select DC and Marvel comics. Use the code SDCC2016 by July 24th, 2016 to get 50% off. Watch the video above and let us know what you think of this new feature in the comments!

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