Google acquires iOS calendar app Timeful, begins assimilating features

Timeful is an iOS calendar app that tries to make creating your schedule easier. You can tell Timeful about things you need to do and it will move them around to build a schedule. It even supports repeat events, like if you tell it you need to exercise three times a week. It also allows you to drag events around depending on where you need them.

Google has just purchased the company behind Timeful, which means all of that technology will soon be put to good use. While Google’s current apps like Gmail and Calendar are pretty smart, they’re not automated by any means. And seeing the smart features of Timeful would be pretty great. Google says that these features will be integrated into many of Google’s apps, like Calendar, Inbox, and more.

While we won’t be seeing improvements for a little while, it’s exciting to see what Google can do with such smart features. Are you interested in a smarter calendar/schedule app? Leave a comment!

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