Getting your best selfies photographer Android (XVII)

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Welcome to another week Photographers Android , the section of The Free Android where I teach every week some tips and tricks that can improve photographic your photos: for both the most inexperienced and for experts the place, this section is for everyone we can learn something new every week.

We took a few sections on the technical side, explaining somewhat different technical details of photography, but today we want to talk about something more practical that is very fashionable lately: Getting the best selfies , what are the keys to get us the best pictures of us thereof. In addition, we also give us a tour of rhetoric, one of the most used applications to add effects and filters to your photos.

Council No 17: rehearse your best pose!


If you have been fortunate to have been absent from this phenomenon, then I put a day: selfie is like now refers to the pictures we make of ourselves , either with the rear camera (in the style of the old school) or the front chamber (seeing on the screen our result, more recently thanks to the expansion of the front camera). Not much more to explain about what a selfie, a phenomenon that has spread like wildfirethroughout the world.

Know what a selfie is simple, but removed a decent one is not so easy : another peculiarity of selfies is that people tend to get a few before getting a photo you like. Do not worry if you have to get you a few until you find one you like, you’re not the only one with this problem in the first world . But how can we get a good selfie us out, what are the keys to take a picture of ourselves?

  • The first thing is to get a good pose : get our good side, highlight some aspect of ourselves, and try not to fall into the clichés to make a pose for the photo. Check that lights well, the camera has a good angle, and moves to the next step.
  • We know that we are splendid, now it sure that the bottom is up : Make sure you have light (and this is behind the camera), try not to use mirrors unless you consider it necessary, and be Watch out forgraciosillos trying to burst your photo.
  • We have our picture, but this is not enough for selfie phenomenon seems essential edit our photo before sharing . There are many ways to do it, from simply add filters and adjustments to insert all sorts of graphics or text messages on our photo.

App of the Week: rhetoric


Selfies talking about, we can not forget one of the applications that have more pull  among all fans take pictures of themselves: rhetoric .

The rhetorical advantage over other applications is that we see the work of the filters in direct : can tailor the picture to the issue that we have in mind, and not vice versa. It has over 100 filters, has some other function to retouch the photo, and can even form collages with multiple photos.

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