Facebook Wants You To Continue Using It Even When You’re Offline

If you are one of those who ride on the subway wanting to see the pictures and news of their friends on Facebook, but to try find that you have no connection, do not worry. The social network is already thinking about how to solve this little problem.

Facebook said in a statement that is experiencing a new option that will allow you to maintain continuity updated content on your mobile phone when you have good connection so you have new things available when it fails.

Thus, Facebook will be watching what the news is already unloaded, to bring new you have not seen on the basis of their relevance. An interesting detail of this test performed Facebook to update your mobile app is that you also leave comment when you are without coverage. Of course these will be published once recover the connection, but it is certainly good news, so do not forget to congratulate a friend’s birthday by having to leave it for later. The company did not specify from when this new feature to all users come.

Facebook has been testing new options for users of Web and mobile version, including the direct sale of tickets to users and video streaming for all users, which come true rival directly Periscope.

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