Facebook Messenger is now available without a Facebook account

Facebook has spent a good amount of time pushing Messenger, its dedicated app for messages, calls and video calls. Now the company is expanding Messenger’s possible user base even more by allowing customers to sign up without a Facebook account. If you’re not on Facebook, all you need is a name, phone number and photo. You still get access to the app’s key features, which include messages, photos, videos, group chats, voice calls, video calls and more. Essentially, it’s become a hub for communication.

The feature is only available for customers in the US, Canada, Peru and Venezuela. It should be noted that a Facebook account does bring in some additional uses for the app, such as being able to easily message with Facebook friend and contacts, access Facebook messages and get multi-device messaging support as signing into your Facebook account allows you to access your messages from your phone, tablet or the web.

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