Facebook launches ‘Hello’ for easy caller ID and call blocking

When a phone call arrives and the number is blocked, or unknown, or it’s just a string of numbers you don’t recognize, the impulse to answer that call can be lessened a great deal. Facebook is trying to make it easier for people to know who is trying to get in touch with them, and maybe even block a call or two if it comes right down to it.

Today, April 22, Facebook officially unveiled “Hello,” a brand new application that was created within the company’s Creative Labs, with initial testing for the product launching on Android to start. With the new app, which ties directly into Facebook, you’ll be able to see who is calling you, block unwanted calls and even do a quick search for people and places.

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Interestingly enough, Hello will show you who’s calling you even if you don’t have the number saved in your contacts, and it will also show you anything that that person has shared with you on Facebook before. Hello will also make it easy for people to block calls, with settings geared towards blocking numbers that are already frequently blocked, block specific numbers and more. Those blocked calls will automatically go to voicemail, and you’ll be able to look them over in a recent calls list.

The information that Hello populates is readily available on Facebook, and any information that’s not present there will not be displayed in the app.

It’s a free download right now, available below.

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