Enjoy the Google I / O 2015 with Android Free


Tomorrow is the big day. The Google I / O 2015 is here. From The Free Android will be following closely to bring you all the news that Google has prepared us.

Google I / O 2015, all you need to follow to detail

We are facing the most important event of the year for Android . Android will have a preview of M, we see developments in Android Wear, TV and Auto. More information about the projects of virtual reality Google. Aids developers. New devices. More about Project Ara. A possible new Chromecast … Here is our article about all the news that we see, and certainly appear more.

Google I / O 2015, we expect to see everything

If you’re a fan of Android and like to be aware of all the news you expect from tomorrow, 28 18:30 Spanish hour. [12:30 Chile, Mexico 10:30]. 

Cover all the news live. We find curiosities. We will discuss new projects and try to enjoy the world Android at its best.

Very attentive to the initial Keynote where Sundar Pichai, Matias Duarte and Dave Burke suddenly launch all the news. We try to organize it for display in the blog. Also you can follow the minute information via our Twitter account where we are quite active and add further details.

Here’s the official video streaming of the Keynote.

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