Do You Use The Default Samsung Keyboard On Your 2015 Galaxy Device?

galaxy-s6-keyboard-appFor a long time, third-party keyboard apps were extremely important for Android users, as the out-of-
the-box keyboard apps from manufacturers were, in one word, horrible. Swype kicked off the game with a keyboard that lets you swipe over letters to make a word for faster typing than regular touch input, then SwiftKey came along with an excellent prediction engine and pretty much became the top choice for millions of Android users.

This year, Samsung has overhauled its software in many ways, and along for the ride on the new TouchWiz came an improved out-of-the-box keyboard app. Unlike the previous iterations, the latest version of Samsung’s keyboard is very nice, with all the features you would expect in a keyboard app these days. There’s next word prediction, auto-correction, and swipe input, and all of it works quite well. The keyboard looks nice, too, and the always visible numerical keys at the top make typing in numbers a very quick affair (this comes especially handy when you’re typing in passwords that have both letters and numbers.)

But it took years for Samsung to overhaul the TouchWiz keyboard, and long-time users of Android are no doubt so used to their favorite third-party keyboard apps that they probably didn’t wait a second to replace Samsung’s keyboard as soon as they set up their new device. But for most users, what comes preloaded is often the thing they use forever, and this poll is to ask SamMobile readers a simple question: Do you use the default TouchWiz keyboard on your phone or tablet (one bought in 2015)?

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