Dish and T-Mobile reportedly in merger talks, would name John Legere as CEO

Way back in late 2011, Dish Network expressed interest in T-Mobile if the magenta carrier’s deal with AT&T fell through. Well, it did just that. And here we are in mid-2015, with new Dish-T-Mobile merger rumors surfacing.

Dish Network and T-Mobile are reportedly in “the formative stage” of merger talks. Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that while the two companies are still hammering out details like a purchase price and how much cash and stock a merger would involve, they’ve at least got some of the executive makeup figured out. It’s said that if the two companies become one, current Dish CEO Charlie Ergen would be the combined firm’s chariman, while current T-Mobile CEO John Legere would serve as the merged company’s CEO.

While unofficial, both T-Mobile and Dish have a reason for seeking a suitor. On the T-Mobile side, the company is looking to continue to grow in the U.S. wireless market, and T-Mo parent company Deutsche Telekom is looking to ditch T-Mobile and its 66 percent stake in the carrier. Meanwhile, Dish has long been interested in the mobile market, and it’s got some wireless spectrum that T-Mo would probably like to have.

So both companies certainly have a reason to be interested in one another, but we’ll just have to wait and see if they’ll actually end up getting together. Do you think a Dish-T-Mobile merger will actually happen?

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