Cyber Monday deals: contract-free Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9 discounted to $400

There are usually thousands of Cyber Monday deals to be had, but it’s hard finding any that are actually any good. Yes, 40-50% off smartphone cases is nice, but we know that you guys are looking for big savings on big ticket items. Amazon is here to save the day with massive discounts on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9. If you simply want a phone and don’t want to sign a new contract to get one, you can get wither phone for just $400 – roughly $250 less than what each phone typically sells for. The $400 Samsung Galaxy S6 is the SIM unlocked US variant, but you can spend about $100 more is you need one with international band support. The HTC One M9 is locked to AT&T’s network, but it can easily be SIM unlocked by using HTC SIM Unlock, Android SIM Unlock or services on the web for $10-$15.

If you do buy a new phone today, will it be for yourself or for a loved one?

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