Cortana arrives on Android and OnePlus One

Cortana is Microsoft’s cross-platform assistant that became available on Windows 10 during its release, and now it has come to iOS, Android, and an optimized version for the Cyanogen OS-powered OnePlus One.

Much like Google Now, Cortana will show you relevant information like reminders, events, flights, and more when you need them. It also features integration with Windows 10, so you can set location reminders on your computer or even have the phone send a text to a person after a missed call from your computer.

Unfortunately, the Android app will be a little limited due to lack of integration (or design choices from Microsoft). It won’t be able to toggle settings, open apps, or use the “Hey Cortana” phrase at anytime. But with integration with Cyanogen OS, Cortana will be able to do these things on the OnePlus One and on other Cyanogen OS devices in the future.

Cortana looks to be a great assistant, and Microsoft’s partnership with Cyanogen means that there will be more Cyanogen-powered devices that will receive integration soon. Hit the source link for more info or to give it a shot!

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