Confirmed: The OnePlus 2 will take the second version of Snapdragon 810


OnePlus, the Asian manufacturer incorporated in the smartphone market last year with its OnePlus One, has repeatedly announced the launch this year of a new generation . This device, like the first version, leading specifications would have a lower than normal price. Even the CEO confirmed that would be $ 350 . Well today it was announced one of its components, integrated processor.

Outside overheating problems with version 2.1 of Snapdragon 810

As we see in the forum OnePlus , the processor would take inside in OnePlus 2 it would be made ​​by Qualcomm and neither more nor less than the new Snapdragon 810 version 2.1. Qualcomm already announced a version that would correct any problems with sobrecalentamient oy CPU throttling. A processor with 64-bit technology and offers a fascinating user experience. Among them we find, as we say in their official announcement, 4K Ultra HD streaming, capture pictures faster, better battery management and the best gaming experience thanks to the Adreno 430 GPU like.


From the OnePlus they tell us they have worked side by side with Qualcomm for the new OnePlus two is best. They have tried and tested processor performance. Be seen whether later when the first units to reach users, it is.

OnePlus tells us that the device has a thermal paste and graphite placed in areas of the terminal to better dissipate heat through these points, avoiding concentration in a single point. Hopefully this processor is finally “the coldest ever created”.

A software optimized to squeeze the device

As for the built-in software OnePlus 2, we talk about OxygenOS . This proprietary operating system OnePlus take a very optimized version able to squeeze the maximum processor and use all its advantages. In addition to good energy management, very important. Oxygen remember that OS is based on Android Lollipop , which exploits the benefits of 64-bit architecture of the processors.

No doubt this does not only increase the desire to see it come true in his official announcement.

And you, are you expectantly to see what OnePlus launch this 2015?


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