Chromecast Ultra leaks out ahead of launch

At Google’s upcoming October 4 event, the company is expected to debut not only a pair of new Pixel-branded smartphones, but also a brand new Chromecast device that will stream 4K content. Just days ahead of its reveal, the Chromecast Ultra has surfaced in newly-leaked images.

The Chromecast Ultra doesn’t look too different from the regular Chromecast already on sale, with a round design, flat top and bottom, and flat cable. The biggest difference, if the leaked images are real, is the “G” logo on the front instead of the Chromecast logo that’s present on the current model.

As far as other details go, the Chromecast Ultra is expected to ship running software version 1.21, which supports streaming 4K UHD content. It will reportedly cost $69 when it goes on sale at a later date.

Do you plan on picking up a Chromecast Ultra?

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