Chromecast adds CBS All Access, FOX Now, FXNOW, HGTV and others to its lineup

Between deals and new functionality being brought to Google’s pint-sized streaming stick, it feels like there is always something to report on the Chromecast. Today is no different, and it actually adds some particularly notable channels to the Chromecast catalog.

CBS All Access, Fox Now, FX Now and HGTV will now all deliver their content through the Chromecast and carry some of the most popular shows on television with them. Keep in mind that in many cases you will need a subscription or access through your cable provider to take advantage of these channels, though.

In addition to the traditional channels making their way to Chromecast, there is Pluto TV, offering over 100 channels with curated content from around the web and sorted into categories for you. And finally, there’s Haystack, which creates news channels on the topics that you care about based on your feedback.

That’s it for today, but rest assured there will be more Chromecast news soon enough. It’s unstoppable.

If you still haven’t picked up a Chromecast, the best deal I can find at the moment is $29.99 through Best Buy.

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