Chrome for Android is getting more personal as it aims to reduce data usage

Google is rolling out some big changes for Chrome on Android, aiming to not only make the experience a more personalized one, but also help to save data usage and make the downloads experience a bit easier as well.

Google officially announced the changes today, which includes a more personalized experience based on browsing history. When a user opens a new tab, Chrome for Android will show “Articles for You,” which will show content that Chrome believes you’ll be interested in. That will include news regarding your favorite sports teams and content from your most-visted sites. And of course, the more you use Chrome for Android the smarter those suggestions will get.

The other noteworthy part of the update is the improvements being brought to Data Saver. For those who aren’t up-to-date on the feature, it compresses pictures and text that you load in the browser. With the update, however, Data Saver will now compress video content, too. If you watch MP4 videos in Chrome for Android, Google says it will help users save upwards of 67 percent of their data.

Chrome Android downloads

Finally, Google is also improving the downloads experience. You’ll be able to save a picture, video, website, or even music just by tapping the download button. There’s a new Downloads section that will populate all of the content you’ve saved, letting you take a look at it later.

The new Downloads feature is available in the current Beta of Chrome for Android, and it will roll out to all Chrome users “soon.”

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