Chrome for Android gets tap to search for faster searches

Google Now on Tap was one of the coolest features the company showed off at this year’s I/O conference in May, but it’ll only be available in Android M later this year. However, for those that want a taste of how it will work, Google’s happy to oblige.

Today, Chrome for Android received an update that adds “tap to search,” which will do exactly as it sounds, but with a bit more flare. As Google demonstrates in a newly published GIF, Chrome for Android will allow users to click on a single word and conduct a search based on the context surrounding that word. So, users can find “America” by clicking on the word within a Captain America: Civil War article, and search for the movie proper without having to type in the full title. The results will show the cast of the upcoming film, information tied to the upcoming release and more.

It is admittedly not as powerful as Now on Tap, but will surely come in handy for Chrome users more often than not, especially for those that don’t always want to type in full search queries as often. The new feature is rolling out in the coming days, so users should give it a go when it arrives and leave their impressions in the comments below.

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