Check the status of your Project Fi invite, you might see something new

Check the status of your Project Fi invite. If you were one of those who signed up to test Project Fi, you might be pleasantly surprised to find new info regarding the status of your invite. Google has begun showing interested customers the status of their invite with some seeing a timeframe, such as 3-4 weeks out, while others are still having their invite status determined.

Project Fi is Google’s new experiment as a wireless carrier. The company is working with T-Mobile and Sprint to provide mobile networks, while also utilizing available Wi-Fi networks. The company will use software in addition to the hardware found in the Nexus 6 to intelligently switch between networks for the best speed and coverage. It also has a unique plan set-up by allowing customers to pay a flat $10/GB with refunds for unused data, all while ditching contracts.

If you want to sign up for an invite to Project Fi, follow the source link below and find out what’s necessary for it.

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