Changing the keyboard we use in Android


As already mentioned a while , usually use three keyboards on Android: the first one by default, but the truth is that almost no longer use it, but am waiting for the new that comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread ; the Swype ; and Swiftkey . The problem is not so obvious switch between keyboards because Settings -> Language & keyboard does not come a checkbox (with HTC Sense yes, but Android 2.2.1 Froyo standard no).

Change keyboard is very easy, just is something hidden. To decide which keyboard you want to use must first attempt to write to a text field (either a search on Google or market, anyway, the subject is placed in a text field). Then click on that text field and keep it pressed for a moment, until we display a message action selection .


Click on the text input method, and we will display a window that lets you select the keyboard queramo s. I think it is clearer if we look at a picture.


And once that is done we have the changed keyboard. As I say it is very easy, the only thing is that it is something hidden.


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