Changing the icons on the interface of our Android

Icons on Android

Those who know Android and use it for a while and know that the possibilities for customization of the Google mobile operating system are almost endless. In fact, it is one of the best features of Android, although not advertise, is that if users want to adapt their terminals to their tastes, no two Android smartphones same.

Engadget Android we’ve been paying attention to the personalization Android , and seen as apply themes to our devices , and even as use launchers that generally extend the possibilities of configuration to advanced levels, but now we will pay attention in particular the icons for applications, shortcuts and functions.

Launchers to expand possibilities

For those who do not know what a launcher, explain any Android phone carries one, is that the launcher is the application that controls the interface and application launcher our phone.Systematically different manufacturers modify the launchers both graphically and in options, but Android has an interface called Google Experience we will see in the Nexus devices.

Nova Launcher

Alternatively, we can find Google Play launchers that expand the possibilities of configuration of the interface and can use themes, change icons, create shortcuts, widgets resize all or superimpose, etc.

There are numerous launchers, and I have analyzed what are the best that we can choose, so everyone should find the one that best suits your tastes.

Change the icons on any launcher is usually straightforward, although some have the choice between its configuration menu, in others as Nova Launcher is as easy as hold a shortcut and click “Edit”, which opens a menu to change the name or icon of the shortcut.

Packs of icons available in Play Store

However, although change is intuitive icons in most launchers, we also have another even simpler option is that it’ll use the icon packs available for download directly from Google Play , as these once downloaded can be chosen directly in the theme options or customization of the main launchers.

Icon Packs Google Play

Suffice to go into Play Store and seek “icons”, “icon pack”, “icon pack” or any other string of related words, and the store itself will handle fetch packages available icons. In his description usually show compatible launchers and pictures of how they look, so I just will install and select it directly from the launcher.

Using Desktop Visualizer

Changing directly from third and looking for a more powerful application for creating custom shortcuts, Desktop Visualizer find a widget manager that lets you create shortcuts with a high degree of customization .

It is an application widely used among creators of topics for Android, and it allows for creating transparent buttons to shortcuts with an image and a custom text on the size and orientation we need.

Desktop Visualizer

Desktop Visualizer is a free application that actually is not a manager widget icons but because the shortcuts are not added style icons which dragged the launcher, but we should introduce widgets on the desktop as any.

The manager sets the size of the widget, image, background color and text by pressing a show, so we can add any custom access. This is very powerful to use funds from design, because we can put parts of the background as buttons adding access to a transparent image, for example.

As always, it’s best to experiment until you get a result that we like, so we encourage you to dig through the customization of your android, do we you teach your desktop?

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