Camera and battery improvements heading to the HTC One M9 with new system update

HTC One M9 owners will be pleased to hear that HTC has released a new system update that brings improvements to the phone’s camera while also improving the battery’s longevity with a few power management tweaks. The 1.40.401.5 software update is currently rolling out to HTC One M9 units in Europe and Taiwan and is expected to hit other markets soon.

The HTC One M9 has always been capable of capturing stunning shots in direct sunlight, but the new update will allow users to capture better images in low light situations by removing image noise and smudging caused by over-processing. Images captured in “extreme lighting conditions” will also have improved color accuracy with a reduction of green and yellow hues. The auto-exposure on the HTC One M9 has been modified to reduce the washed-out effect that can occur in extremely bright images.

The power management improvements included in the update reduce the phone’s power draw while using YouTube and Facebook and lowers the phone’s temperature while using a Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 accessory.

While many Android phones tend to lose their appeal over time, HTC is working hard to make the One M9 a better phone with every software release. That being said, if all of these software tweaks were included from day one, the HTC One M9 may have been better received by reviewers and the public.

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