Buick adopting Android Auto, starting with LaCrosse and Regal in 2016

Android Auto seems to be achieving widespread adoption, at least for future models of current cars. The latest company to announce support for the car system is Buick, which will include Android Auto alongside Apple CarPlay in the 2016 Regal and LaCrosse.

It’s actually a pretty nifty system. The Buick IntelliLink system will show an Apple CarPlay or Android Auto icon depending on the type of device that’s plugged in, with both available to users at any time. That means there’s no having to buy a device-specific technology package with your car.

Soon more and more cars will be coming with the system from the factory, and with so many devices on Android 5.0 now, it’ll work without needing to buy a new Android device. It’s an exciting time in the automotive technology industry, at least for those in new rides.

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