Bring to retail for Android


From Saturday any Japanese who have 198 000 yen, or 600 thousand dollars, you can buy one of the thousand androids Softbank manufactured. Pepper recognizes human emotions and the replica, such as anger or joy, although they are not yet ‘ human “to take steps, as it moves on wheels. The android is made ​​to be a good company. Capture photos of their owners, sings when it’s your birthday, verbally interact with them, can hold things, but not raise them and, very important detail, recognizes faces of people. The plans Softbank include sell next year in all the world with financial support from the Chinese conglomerate Alibaba, according to the company said. Roommate expensive

Softbank is promoting it as a domestic robot that can become part of families. We only need to see the main image of your website. However, the company will face this android. Pepper owners disbursed not only more than 25 thousand dollars for it, but will have to subscribe to a 3 year contract and pay monthly maintenance of $ 120. The unique thing about this robot is that it will also work with apps compatible with your system Operating, which endow it with certain characteristics and features. At the time of sale will be 100 apps available and Softbank idea is that a community of developers that extend the amount is generated. Some of the apps, of course, are free and others are paid.

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