Boost Mobile promo offers to halve the plan prices of Cricket and MetroPCS switchers

Remember Sprint’s promotion that offers to cut your bill in half if you switch from AT&T or Verizon? Well today Sprint extended the offer to one of its prepaid subsidiaries.

Boost Mobile today launched a “Slash Your Payment in Half” deal that offers half-price plans to any customers that switch to Boost from Cricket Wireless or MetroPCS. Boost Mobile’s got three plans for these switchers, all of which include unlimited talk and text. There’s the base $20 plan that offers 2.5GB of data and a $25 plan that includes 5GB of data, both of which are available to both Cricket and MetroPCS users. Then there’s a $30/10GB deal that’s exclusively available to former Cricket customers.

Now for the fine print. Boost Mobile says that these discounted plans are only good for 12 months, so once that time is up, you’ll automatically be moved to a higher-cost plan that’s got comparable features. And in order to take advantage of the deal in the first place, you’ll need to find a participating Boost dealer near you, because it’s not available online or at national retailers.

While these discounted plans are only good for 12 months, they’re a pretty good deal. For example, Boost’s own plans offer 5GB of high-speed data for $45 per month or 10GB of high-speed data for $55 per month. So if you’re on Cricket or MetroPCS and you’re looking to save some cash, you might want to consider Boost.

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