Boost Mobile launches free music streaming for five services

Data usage and, in particular, the effect of streaming on data usage, is a hot topic with carriers these days. T-Mobile kicked off the game with Music Freedom, which allowed music streaming without impacting your data allotment through a number of different services, the list of which has continued to grow. Other carriers have begun to experiment with their own versions of this concept, and the latest to join the party is Boost Mobile.

As a value carrier, Boost Mobile is always looking for ways to offer a better deal to its customers. The carrier is now offering data-free music streaming on five different services: Pandora, Slacker Radio, 8tracks, iHeart Radio and Samsung Milk Music. While the list isn’t large and doesn’t contain some of the major players like Spotify and Google Play Music, it still adds a nice perk for Boost Mobile customers, who will likely be pleased with the extra value they’re getting.

Boost Mobile has said that it will continue to add more partners in the future, so it shouldn’t be long before we start to see services like Spotify added. It should be noted that this feature is included as part of Boost Mobile’s growing data plans, which rewards customers with free allotments of extra data if they make their payments on time.

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