BlackBerry pushing QuadRooter patch to PRIV and DTEK50

It was just days ago that a minor panic swept through the Android world. Security company Check Point revealed four security vulnerabilities known as QuadRooter that impacted over 900 million devices using Qualcomm processors. This naturally caused a bit of a scare, but manufacturers quickly rushed to calm the concerned. While QuadRooter is serious, it likely won’t affect any users that aren’t already taking risky behaviors. The QuadRooter vulnerabilities are accessed by downloading malicious apps from third-party sources outside of the Play Store.

With the August security update for Marshmallow, Google has already patched three of the four vulnerabilities, with the fourth being fixed in the near future.

BlackBerry isn’t waiting around, though. The company has already pushed the August security update out to the PRIV and DTEK50. Today, BlackBerry is pushing out a patch that fixes the remaining vulnerability. This patch is rolling out to BlackBerry-sold PRIV and DTEK50 devices today, with the carrier models receiving the update later this week.

One of BlackBerry’s main selling points is the security of its devices, even when they’re powered by Android. By fixing this vulnerability even before Google, BlackBerry is firming up its strength in security and giving its customers greater peace of mind about their devices.

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