BlackBerry Hub+ coming to all Android Marshmallow phones

BlackBerry has had its share of rough times, facing extinction more than once. But the company seems to be finding stable footing again, largely by ditching its own OS and using Android as a platform to build off of. The BlackBerry PRIV wasn’t a runaway success, but it helped to stabilize the company and offer hope. BlackBerry is now taking things a step further and is offering BlackBerry Hub+ to all Android Marshmallow users, with plans of offering it to Lollipop users as well.

BlackBerry Hub+ is a full suite of apps and services that are aimed at increasing productivity and bolstering security. Apps included are:

  • Blackberry Hub
  • Calendar
  • Password Keeper
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Device Search
  • Notes
  • Launcher

All of BlackBerry’s apps are filled with tweaks and changes to make your experience simpler, faster, and easier. To try it out, Marshmallow users can download BlackBerry Hub+ from the Play Store for a free 30-day trial. After the trial, it’s just $0.99/month to continue using Hub+, making it extremely affordable. For those who don’t want to shell out any money, there is a free option, though users will see occasional ads in BlackBerry apps.

The trial version of BlackBerry Hub+ may take some time to populate the Play Store, so have patience and you should be able to give it a whirl soon.

In addition to the goal of expanding to Lollipop users, BlackBerry has also said that it’s looking into expanding to iOS as well, though it’s not a sure bet that such a move will occur.

BlackBerry is caught in a bit of a conundrum with this move. While it’s now made its services available to an enormous audience, it’s also struck a serious blow to its hardware department. Many users of the BlackBerry PRIV were sold on the device because of the software, not because of the hardware. With the software no longer being exclusive to BlackBerry devices, it’s difficult to see a clear path ahead for BlackBerry’s hardware division.

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