Best Buy offering solid savings on Moto 360 and Asus ZenWatch today

The Moto 360 is no stranger to discounts lately, but today’s deal at Best Buy is particularly notable because it brings the standard leather band model all the way down to $149.99. The metal bands are similarly discounted, bringing them to just $199, with the champagne gold still commanding a slight premium at $229.

It’s not quite the full compliment of options available if you go through Moto Maker, but check out the seven available options on sale here.

The Asus ZenWatch is also enjoying a slight dip in price today at Best Buy with a $20 discount bringing it to $179. The Asus Zenwatch is one of the few devices to already be sporting Android Wear 5.1.1, and although it lacks the WiFi functionality that some received with that update, that feature isn’t exactly crucial for most users. The ZenWatch is still regarded as one of the best looking Android Wear devices and for those that dislike the round face that many manufacturers are leaning towards this remains an excellent option.

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