Base model Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may have 64GB of storage

The minimum amount of storage included in flagship smartphones has been growing, albeit very slowly. Sixteen gigabyte models were banished by high-end Android smartphone manufacturers quite a while ago, making 32GB the standard. But with photos and apps that are getting ever large, 32GB may not be enough for many. It’s hard to believe that iPhones still have 16GB of memory without external storage.

Rumors say that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will feature a base model with 64GB of storage, and an image showing the Korean Telecom version of the Note 7 in 64GB  supports this. Samsung previously launched a Note device with 32GB of memory while its Galaxy S counterpart had 16GB, so this isn’t unlikely.

However, storage options have not always been the same across markets. There have been times when devices would launch in the U.S. with less storage than other markets, so we still might get a 32GB model. We’ll have to see, but with rumors of a microSD/UFS combo slot and adoptable storage, fast storage should be no problem for consumers.

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