b2gdroid: Experience the FirefoxOS interface in Android

The Android and iOS dominate completely the market for mobile dipositivos. However there are other mobile platforms, equally interesting, just not have support for most devices.

One of these mobile platforms is what FirefoxOS, from today, can be explored on any Android through the project b2gdroid.fos_thumb

It’s called b2gdroid and is a launcher that “transforms” any Android in FirefoxOS. The device does not require root privileges, which simplifies the installation and testing process.

To install just b2gdroid that has 70 MB available on your machine , enable the installation of third party applications and once installed just press the HOME button to switch to the Firefox OS interface.



See b2gdroid in action

According to the tests we performed, we found that the entire interface is very well designed and quite fluid.There are however some minor bugs that influence negatively the user experience. However, well worth a try.

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