AT&T’s new Mobile Share Advantage plans offer more data at lower cost per megabyte

It’s been a year since AT&T made some changes to its Mobile Share plans, and so it’s about time that the big blue carrier introduced some alterations to its plan offerings. This time around there are more changes in store, including a lower price per megabyte.

AT&T is calling its new plans the Mobile Share Advantage, and with it the carrier is offering two new monthly data allotments for subscribers, dropping overage charges, and charging less per megabyte, too. The plans that AT&T launched and tweaked last year are still available right now, and they offer 300MB for $20 per month, 2GB for $30 per month, 5GB for $50 per month, 15GB for $100 per month, 20GB for $140 per month, 25GB for $175 per month, and 30GB for $225 per month.

The new Mobile Share Advantage plans will launch on August 21. With it, AT&T is introducing a new 6GB of data tier for $60 per month and a new 10GB tier for $80 per month. Here’s what the new plan offerings look like:

AT&T new data plans

One of the most notable changes with the Mobile Share Advantage plans is the fact that AT&T no longer charging for data overages. Currently, AT&T charges $15 per gigabyte when you go over your monthly data allotment. With the new plans, AT&T will instead slow down your data connection to a maximum of 128kbps until your data allotment resets.

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