ASUS will build AdBlock Plus into its browser app starting in 2016

The stock browsers that come with Android devices rarely get any attention, but recently the spotlight is now shining on ASUS’s browser thanks to a deal that the company has made.

Adblock Plus will be built into the default browser of ASUS devices starting sometime in 2016. Exactly when that’ll begin happening isn’t yet known, but AdBlock Plus co-founder Till Faida confirmed the news, saying that his company is “extremely happy to team up with ASUS, the first major hardware manufacturer to integrate ad blocking into their mobile devices.” Faida went on to describe ASUS’s decision as “another call for innovation in the ad industry — a call getting louder by the day.”

Ad blockers are nothing new on Android, but typically the user has to go through the effort of seeking one out and then installing it. That won’t be the case with ASUS products next year. And while the user base of ASUS’s browser isn’t exactly huge — it’s said that around 15 million people use it — this partnership is still notable. What will be interesting is seeing if other device makers follow suit.

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