APUS Browser is a lightweight browser made for low data usage

There are plenty of browsers on the Play Store, and many of them are good. But if you’re anything like me, you’re happily using Chrome because it’s both integrated with Google services and it’s already there, pre-installed on all Android devices. But there’s a new option, and it’s actually pretty nice.

APUS Browser is made to be a lightweight browser that’s easy on both battery and data. The install size is only 600KB, and it has features like a “no image” mode. This means that page loading is quick and makes good use of cache, which means that sites you’ve visited without much dynamic content load much quicker than expected. In fact, it’s been a bit quicker than Chrome in most situations.

The browser is currently simple and minimalist, which means it’s both easy to use and light on features. Hopefully some updates will come out and add some of the features we’re used to, like gestures to switch between tabs and a few extra animations for that polish. But for now, it’s a solid browser, so give it a try!

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