Apply to test the LG G4 before it launches in the U.S.

The LG G4 isn’t slated to start hitting U.S. stores until June, but if you just can’t wait until then, LG might let you try its new flagship before everyone else.

LG’s G4 consumer trial program launched today in the U.S. The initiative will let a “limited” number of regular folks get a brand new LG G4 for free and try it out before it launches to the public. Once (randomly) selected, winners will get a G4 and will be given “fun” challenges to help them learn about the G4 and show off its features on social media.

While LG’s “challenges” sound like they’ll task G4 testers with helping to promote the new Android phone on social media, you’ll still get to try out the G4 on your own and use it before most everyone else. That’s a pretty tempting proposition, especially with a phone that’s as highly-specced as the G4. If you want to try out the G4 and flaunt it to all of your friends, go to LG’s sign-up page and get to enrolling.

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