Another 23 Samsung Galaxy Note 7s overheated in the last month

Late last night, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Samsung officially issued a global recall of the Galaxy Note 7 that includes its replacement units. They’ve also revealed numbers related to overheating devices.

According to Samsung and the US CPSC, 23 reports of replacement Galaxy Note 7s have come in since the original Note 7 recall on September 15. The CPSC says that they are currently looking into six cases of replacement Galaxy Note 7 units catching fire, but that it is aware there are more reports. Samsung says that it’s received 13 reports of phones catching fire and burning people and 47 reports of property damage.

The latest recall of the Galaxy Note 7 means that all 1.9 million units must be sent back. That includes 1 million original Galaxy Note 7 devices, and 900,000 replacement models out there in the wild. In late September, Samsung confirmed that it had received 60 percent of the 1 million original devices, but it’s unknown how many devices are still out there.

It should go without saying at this point: Return your Galaxy Note 7 if you haven’t already.

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