Andy Rubin and Essential will show off new device on May 30

In January of this year, a report surfaced that outlined Andy Rubin’s next plans for the smartphone market and how artificial intelligence would play a role in his next big vision beyond just the Android platform.

In March, Rubin actually teased the phone that had been rumored, showing a smartphone with a remarkably thin profile and an edge-to-edge display. At the time there wasn’t more to go on, with Rubin only saying he was excited about what his new company, Essential, was working on and that he couldn’t wait to get the device in more people’s hands.

Today, Essential has sent the first tweet from its official Twitter account, with the confirmation that the company will be showing off “something big” on Tuesday, May 30:

Of course, with that specific date so close, the Twitter account doesn’t provide anything else beyond the initial tease. Early rumors have suggested the device will indeed have an edge-to-edge display and that it will be running Android. Other than that, we don’t know much about Essential’s first smartphone.

The good news is that we won’t be in the dark for much longer. Are you excited to see what Andy Rubin has to show off?

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